Project no. 2016-1-МК01-КА203-021651

Shaping the Future Education in Tourism

Length: 30 months
Start date: 04.10.2016
End date: 02.04.2019
Value: € 190.215



The Final meeting
Well, here we are at the very last meeting of the Project Management Team.
Proud to say that we did it. We have accomplished everything that’s been planned almost 4 years ago.


Tourism is important source of income for great number of countries. No matter whether they have access to sea, or are landlocked. This branch of the economy brings hard currency income into country’s economy, but also contributes to reduce unemployment rate, as it provides opportunity for creation of large number of working places especially in the service sector.


The way this project will achieve targeted values is rarely applied in this part of Europe. Traditionally not trustful or identifying a competitor, rather than partner in neighboring countries this project will use the Regional approach in establishing links between the HEI in the region and will offer tools for Region's small and medium enterprises to use for expansion of their business.