Practical transfer of skills (or know-how) is crucial technique when it comes in measuring the success level of transferred knowledge. Hence, being able to organize/host/attend on an occasion in which masters are presenting skills is invaluable. Professors, students and other supporting staff will have a first-hand opportunity to receive practical knowledge form their counterparts from other countries thus expanding their level of expertise and understanding. Gained skills will be of utmost value, especially to the students who will soon be looking for job throughout Europe in facilities who are seeking skilled staff, ready to contribute to the overall customers' satisfaction and to the financial success of the enterprise. Eight workshops will take place, two per working group.
The first working group will be focusing in transfer of know-how to their colleagues from other countries on how to prepare the meals they have chosen to be included in the National Menu. Five-day workshop will be used for each country to have a "national day" in which team of two will practically present the national cuisine of their country.
The second working group will focus on transferring the know-how to their colleagues on the capabilities of the new software and how to use it in the learning process.
Finally, after all activities are finished, a Multiplication event in Croatia will take place. On this event, representatives from each of the partner-universities will travel to Croatia to be a part of a one-day promotional activity. Governmental, Regional and Local dignitaries will be invited as well as representatives from other HEI in Croatia. Finally, professionals that operate in the sector of tourism will be invited too, in order to get familiarized on the skills of the students Veleucilste u Sibeniku will produce after the students finish their learning curve.