Project results.

Three outputs will be delivered as an outcome from all of the activities.
The first one will be electronic version of a National Menu. In this e-brochure, 15 meals per country will be offered to the audience to enjoy the taste and flavor of the Mediterranean counties. Each selected meal will be presented in a form of a recipe and a picture, along with all details needed for the user to understand how to prepare and which ingredients are included. Each meal will be presented along with its energy value.
The second one will serve the need of the professors, students and broad audience. It is an on-line calculator which will contain data on major products that compose the national cuisine of the countries that participate in this project. In this way, users will be able to determine how much energy will have as an intake if they choose to make own combination of meals. Current on-line calculators tend to be too complex for use and are usually commercial version of the company that covered the expenses for building-up the data base.
The third one, will serve the needs of the professors and students on the departments of Management. A fully functional software will be given to the teaching staff to train their students thus improving their skills on what’s to be done to achieve successful management of a hospitality enterprise.
Since all of the outputs will be with an open to use nature, they are free to be used as a tool from other HEI in the region and worldwide.

Output 2: